SAO IT supports you at each and every stage of the computing lifecycle by:

Assessing - It can be difficult to determine the best options for your business with all of the available technology solutions. We will help you determine the best solutions for your requirements and recommend those that offer realisable business benefits within budget.

Procuring - All products and services we supply are tried and tested by us before being implemented to ensure reliability and value for money.

Implementing - We will deploy your chosen solution, configure your systems according to your specific requirements and ensure your staff understand all the benefits of your new IT set-up.

Managing - We manage your technology assets so you can manage your business.

Protecting - We configure and manage the security of your computing environment to provide the highest level of protection from vulnerabilities and threats.

Supporting - We take a proactive approach to IT support, remotely monitoring and maintaining your network. This allows us to identify and resolve potential issues before they turn into downtime and loss of business productivity.

Disposing - Many industries have regulations that require additional measures to ensure disposed systems are free of confidential data.

We help with the entire process to remove all data from your systems and will endeavour to recycle equipment before disposing.